Hi players,

Server 4 is coming to an end soon.
The eternal scripture will arrive at 12:30pm (UK time) in one of the Ginghiz cities.
The coordinates will be announced shortly.

Good luck,

KingsEra team

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Grand Cash Prizes Winner

The Grand cash prize (Eternal Scripture) in German server 1 has been won by: 

New server (S6)

Launch of English server 6 

Be one of the first new server players, as server 6 begins 
Monday 9th June! 
Have a great gaming :)
In Kingsera English server 3

Ginghiz’s abandoned cities are cities that Ginghiz forces have captured from other Kings& Queens.
They cities could have some remaining Ginghiz troops and the number of troops depends on the sizes of the city. 
These cities are the same as any other ordinary city and they can be raided and eventually would become your farm.

Cash Prizes

Young Warriors :)


Launch of server 5


We are delighted to announce the launch of server 5 of www.Kingsera.com on Monday the 28/04/2014 at 00:00 hour.
We take this opportunity to thank everyone for their support, with out you we couldn't do it :) 

In order to create more excitement in the game and the demand of certain players, the game treasures will be released in different ways. 
In the past Ginghiz carried their treasures in their camps on various dates and at fixed times. 
But from now on, after the one-sixth of the games time has passed, the treasures will start to enter the game 4 times a day.( 00:00, 06:00, 12:00 and 18:00)
This process will continue until the end of the server.
In addition, a special icon will show over the treasury and will be present for several hours to alert the players of the input of the new treasures. 
Note: to find more information about the cash prize & none cash prize, Ginghiz’s treasure and Ginghiz’s camps please go to game guide. 

Valentines day

We take this opportunity to wish everyone a: 


We have the pleasure to announce the
"launch" of kingsera server 4
in English on Monday the 3/02/2014.
We thank you for your continue support.
Have great gaming.

Kingsera English servers Team

New server

Launch of server 4

Cash Prizes

Bank account or PayPal requirement 

Server 2 started

We are happy to announce that the second server of English version of KingsEra launched. it is a classic server.


Server1 in Final level

Dear Heroes

We are happy to announce that the server 1 now is in final stages, and you can start training your hero in hero mansion and attack the Gingizs camp and capture the grand treasures (prize).

Good luck
Kingsera Team

KingsEra Launched

We are delighted to announce that an experimental version of Kingsera has been launched, you can play it now.