Greeting warriors,

We are delighted to announce the launch of Kingsera server 7 English on Monday the
Have a great gaming.
Kingsera Team 

Grand prize coordinates

Hello again,

In server 4 the four Ginghiz cities can be found at the following coordinates:

NE : x=479   y=484
NW : x=-476  y=473
SW : x=-479  y=-486
SE : x=489   y=-486

One of these cities holds the eternal scripture.

Capturing the “Eternal scripture” - $100.
Securing the "Eternal scripture" (defending it for 3 days) - 

For more information on capturing and securing the eternal scripture see the following:

Good luck
Hi players,

Server 4 is coming to an end soon.
The eternal scripture will arrive at 12:30pm (UK time) in one of the Ginghiz cities.
The coordinates will be announced shortly.

Good luck,

KingsEra team