Hello again,

Follow the release of Eternal Scripture (grand prize in the game) in server 7 yesterday.
The four Ginghiz cities can be found at the following coordinates:

x= 485   y=483
x= -481  y=486
x= -490  y=-491
x= 478   y=-493

One of these cities holds the Eternal Scripture.

For more information on capturing and securing the Eternal Scripture see the following: help.kingsera.com

Good luck
Hi players,

Server 7 is coming to an end soon.
The eternal scripture will arrive at 12:30pm GMT (26/02/2015) in one of the Ginghiz cities.
The coordinates will be announced shortly.

Good luck,

KingsEra team

New server W4

Due to success of the new KingsEra world wide servers 1, 2 & 3
we will be adding server 4 on Monday the 23/02/2015 at 12.30 PM (GMT).
Be one of the first to try the new server and settle in untouched territory!
We would like to thank everyone for their support.

Kingsera Team 

Happy Valentine’s Day

We take this opportunity to wish everyone a: