The four
Ginghiz cities
can be found at the following coordinates:

x = 485  y = 483

x = -481  y = 486

x = -490  y = -491

x = 478  y = -493

One of these cities holds the
Eternal Scripture (top prize)
Server W6 is coming to an end very soon.

The Eternal Scripture (top prize in the game) will arrive at 12:30pm (GMT+1) on 20/07/2015 in one of the Ginghiz cities.

The coordinates will be announced shortly.

New server - W9

Hey Gamers,

Due to the success of the KingsEra worldwide servers 1 to 8 we will be launching a new super express server W9.
The server will begin on Saturday 11/07/2015 at 12.30 PM (GMT+1).
Be the first to settle in untouched territory and start building your empire!

Thanks again for your support.