Dear Gamers,

Due to the success of the KingsEra worldwide servers 1 to 28,
we will be launching a new super express server W29

The server will begin on:
15/02/2017  At 12.30 PM (GMT).
Be the one of the first to settle in the untouched territory and start building your empire!

Thanks again for your support.​​​

Dear Gamers,
The four Ginghiz cities can be found at the following coordinates:

NE: x = 485  y = 483 
NW: x = -481  y = 486
SE: x = 478  y = -493
SW: x = -490  y = -491

One of these cities holds the Eternal Scripture (top cash prize)
 Wish you good luck
 KingsEra Team​​

Dear Gamers,

Server W25 is coming to an end very soon.
The Eternal Scripture
(Top cash prize in the game) will arrive at 12:30 pm GMT 
in one of the Ginghiz cities.

The coordinates will be announced shortly.

KingsEra Team​