In Kingsera English server 3Eventually, by approaching the final days of English server 3, the Ginghizes have moved their Eternal Scripture from far lands towards their cities with their massive troops. And today at about 11:30, the eternal Scripture with its escort was entered the Ginghiz's cities in this server. 
The eternal Scripture is the greatest honour in the server and a powerful king can record his name forever in the book "Kings Era Awards" by defeating the Ginghizes, capturing and protecting the eternal Scripture for three days.
Coordinates of the Ginghiz's cities are as follows:
North East area: x = 483 y = 486
South East area: x = 481 y = -489
North West area: x = -486 y = 482
South West area: x = -489 y = -482
For more information on terms and conditions of capturing the “Eternal Scripture” we recommend that you study the “Eternal Scripture" in
We wish all our players good luck and hope to see exciting final days in the server.
Kings Era Team

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