Please give us your opinion to help further the development of KingsEra.

1. Do you like the new look KingsEra?
2. Do you prefer the express server (100 days), 
classic server (6 months) or extended server (9 months) lengths?
3. Are you happy with the response time at the helpdesk?
4. What improvements do you think could be implemented?

We appreciate your participation.
1: Yes I do much better than the old version!
2: I prefer the classic (6 months)
3: Most of the time
4: Give experienced players in the game special titles
1- Yes it has much nicer graphics.
2- I like the quick turnaround of the 100 days.
3- Yes they answer quick.
4- Please protect some of our resources from continued attacks.
1, some bits are better, not the map 2, either server as long as 1 server at a time, spoils the game when having to play 2-3 at once because everyone jumps to new server takes a lot of the fun out of the server 3, yes response is fine 4, know when you and deputy are on profile together, a separate chat box even so can talk about what needs doing without having to go back to own city to send a message
1 : I like the new one & the old one. 2 : I like express type (100 days). 3 : not to bad. 4 : good & perfect & please express servers be faster in train soldiers & take 15 golden key to game.

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